Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale – Premier Issue of Elite Performance – Volume 1, Issue 2

Introduction to the Newsletter

The aims of this newsletter are two fold. The first is to provide you with information, and my interpretations, on how to improve body composition and increase performance. Secondly I want the contents of the newsletter to stimulate your thinking processes while at the same time give you enough information to work with so you can make up your own mind on the various topics we cover.

Of course the newsletter and information therein will be biased to some extent since I‘ll be giving you not only the information that is available from journals, texts, internet sources, etc. but also the benefit of my knowledge, research and 5 decades of experience in all aspects of exercise and sports.

All of this is meant to provide you with a working foundation and a grasp for the topics covered in this newsletter (and we‘ll be covering all of them in time). And whether or not you agree with me, another of my aims is to stimulate your though processes and arrive at conclusions that you‘re comfortable with, and feel confident in imparting this information to others.

This issue is a few months later than intended as I‘ve been just too busy to give it the time and energy that it needs. Being somewhat perfectionistic I just can‘t put out an issue that is less than what I think it should be. So while I‘ll try and put an issue out every month or two I‘m not going to stick to a firm schedule. It‘s just where I am now in my life. So when I feel that a new issue is ready it‘ll go out – something along the lines of the
slogan ― no wine before it‘s time.

As such, I make no excuses for either the content or frequency of this newsletter. Or for that matter size since each newsletter is easily the size of most magazines and books. So expect this newsletter when it comes, hopefully a half dozen or so (give or take) times a year and perhaps at some point even monthly. And expect the topics covered to be varied, timely, and somewhat unpredictable.

In this issue we‘ll cover a variety of topics and cover some recent literature that I feel like writing about and that I hope you‘ll find interesting. This issue lays some of the foundation for future newsletters when more practical advice will be offered. As such, readers will have to bear with me for being somewhat obtuse and offering less than immediately useful information in this newsletter than in those to come.

You‘ll also have to pardon me if I seem to randomly cover various bits of information and for the seemingly lack of structure in this newsletter. As I go along I‘ll likely be introducing more structure into the newsletters and make them more timely. But then again maybe not since I often write on impulse and not by schedule, and I abhor being tied to strict deadlines for my writing.


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