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This is the first of 3 articles outlining the basics of nutrition with regards to the 3 macronutrients Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. These are brief summaries that I hope you will find refreshing and informative.

Protein makes up most of our bodily tissues and is necessary for growth, repair, and healing of all of our cells. Protein is essential to life and provides structure to all living organisms. Aside from water, protein makes up the majority of our bodily tissues and fluids including muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, hair, and nails, blood, etc.

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Low Carbohydrate Day – No Training Today

7:00 am

  • 8 Magnum DNA Capsules
  • 4 Magnum Big C Capsules
  • 2 Magnum Heat Capsules
  • 4 oz of black coffee

7:30 am – I rode stationary bike for 45 minutes and then did abs
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