Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Whitney Edwards

Whitney Edwards

Last year, while I was working out at gym I recently joined, I was encouraged to do a figure competition. I knew I needed help to prepare myself for a competition and a trainer at my gym recommended Mark St. Arnaud to me. It was apparent to me from our first meeting that Mark was a very motivated and dedicated trainer, who was very passionate about his profession.

In addition to providing me a with a diet and exercise program to follow, Mark gave me continuous support and encouragement that helped me overcome moments when I felt overwhelmed by the amount of preparation that was required for my first show.

Throughout my months of training, he helped me to maintain the proper mindset and to visualize the goal I wanted to attain. I believe Mark’s approach to and philosophy about fitness undoubtedly helped me attain first place in my division in the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic. I am extremely grateful to him for his unwavering commitment and support throughout my transformation and would ask him to help me to prepare for any future competitions.

Whitney Edwards
1st Place, Figure Medium, 2009 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic

Amy Kucheran

Amy Kucheran

Mark St. Arnaud did an excellent job helping me prepare for the 2009 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.   From the time I started with Mark as my trainer, through until after the show, Mark was extremely helpful, committed and detail oriented.  The diet and workout plan with which Mark provided me, was tailored to my body, so that I would achieve maximum results.  The plan was very detailed, user-friendly, and was laid out in a way which left me with no “guess work”.  All I had to do was follow the program.

Mark was also very committed to me as his client.  He made himself available to contact at any time and encouraged me to make sure I called him if I had any questions or concerns.  He made sure we met, at minimum, once a week so that he could take pictures and compare photos week to week, and track my progress.

One trait which I particularly appreciated about Mark, was that he encouraged me to ask “why”.  He wanted to make sure that I fully understood his reasoning for giving me every instruction along the way.  I’ve seen other trainers annoyed or insulted when clients question their theories, but Mark welcomed any concerns I had and made sure he accommodated me in every way possible, to allow me to achieve great results, but also really enjoy the process too.

Mark did a fabulous job as my trainer for the 2009 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.  I highly recommend Mark St. Arnaud was a personal trainer and/or diet coach for anyone wanting to obtain their best body possible!

—Amy Kucheran