Training for Saturday February 4th




Bike for 10 minutes


This entire week of training is a “deload” week. This means that I am training around 40-60% of my maximum capacity. This gives my body a chance to recuperate and “catch up” from all the heavy training weeks prior. My muscles still get flushed with blood (bringing in nutrients, hormones, etc.) while my nervous system, joints and muscles get a break from all the stress. Next week I will start a new 3-week mini cycle of training with exercises that differ from my previous mini cycle.


Unilateral Leg Extensions: 5 x 15 – 40lbs

Lying Leg Curls (on smith machine): 4 x 10 – 80lbs

Safety Bar close stance squats: 12 x 5 – 225lbs

Glute-Ham Raises: 5 x 8 – bodyweight

Glute Med Abduction: 4 x 10 – no weight


Again, I feel as though I did absolutely nothing. Next week I start a new mini training cycle :0)

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