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At an auditorium in Columbus, OH, Kai gives an inspirational speech the very next day after winning the ’10 Arnold Classic. With his first Olympia behind him, he shifts his focus from strict competition to improvement, and embarks down a new path after heading back home, resting, and settling into the well hewn routine that brought him to this elite level to begin with. Kai’s powerful vision of physical manifestation through thought has not been weakened by the preceding events, but reinforced.

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August 19th, 2010  |  CATEGORY: Videos

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The aims of this newsletter are two fold. The first is to provide you with information, and my interpretations, on how to improve body composition and increase performance. Secondly I want the contents of the newsletter to stimulate your thinking processes while at the same time give you enough information to work with so you can make up your own mind on the various topics we cover.
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Finally the day of the ultimate bodybuilding show has arrived, and Kai gives as much attention to his posing routine as he does his muscle definition. While being congratulated for what seems like a spectacular fourth place win at his first Olympia, Kai goes public with his disappointment and continues to analyze the result. Oscar details the specific plan he layed out for Kai to beat his top competition, and what’s in store for the future.

Discover more about Kai’s unconventional methods including his surprisingly flexible training and diet schedule and and his propensity to uncover his physique only at the competition. Witness a world-class arm workout along with an extreme interval cardio session. Kai reveals that what appears to be torture is simply his nature.